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arketing your company with video is a very powerful tool for your sales pipeline. From a simple one-off marketing video, through to a wide-ranging multi-video series, we work with you to create the perfect balance between solid information and hard sell to equip you with the competitive edge in your field.

In addition to our video production expertise, we also work with you to develop online marketing campaigns that promote your videos. This ensures they are seen by your customers and also reach out to a whole new target market.


Viral Video Production

Viral videos, or ‘social videos’ as they are now more commonly termed, have gained an enviable reputation as one of the most exciting, engaging and emotive forms of marketing there is. By its very nature the concept of ‘viral’ means that your target market is actually choosing to share your content with their friends and acquaintances as a result of what is often a very low media spend compared to other forms of marketing. We’ve produced viral videos for top household names, so we know the elements required for content to achieve wide-spread status online.

Documentaries and Drama

In addition to traditional promotional brand films, talking heads interviews and conference openers, we also produce a large variety of documentary and drama style films for an array of corporate purposes. Whether informing key stakeholders about a new initiative in a dramatic and engaging way, or telling a compelling and emotional narrative story for a well-known charity, a documentary or dramatic format helps to keep your viewers invested in the emotional content of your video.

Online Product Videos

Featuring a promotional video alongside your product on an eCommerce site is proven to increase conversion and sales. With the right production, you can even encourage sharing of the video amongst consumers to drive forward your product and achieve the online sales push that it needs. We understand the unique challenges of engagement in the online marketplace and we work with you to allow your video to capture your customer’s imagination. This method aims to boost the online sales of your product and ultimately achieve positive outcomes.

Presenters and Emcees

Utilising the oration skills of a presenter can be a great way to engage directly with your audience, helping to communicate key aspects in a clear and personable fashion. If a product relies on human interaction for it to flourish, a presenter plays an important role in conveying this to the camera. Coupled with a studio environment, this is arguably the best way to present an effective feature.

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