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Motion Graphics

Tell the world your story

there is no better medium than animation, to get your message across


otion-Graphics and animation is the biggest trend in digital marketing. It blurs the boundaries of fantasy and reality, illustrates the core concepts of your brand message and tells your story in a way that captivates and entices audiences. It makes everything look far more attractive.

At The Creative Foundry, we’ll feed your video up with protein powder and implement a strict training regime until you can’t help but look at it in the mirror.

We’re experts in motion graphics, kinetic typography, 2D and 3D animation, keeping up-to-date with all the latest trends. As always, we’ll arrange your complete user-experience and ensure we work with you to see your message come to life.

With a little imagination, anything is possible.
In addition to our video production expertise, we also work with you to develop online marketing campaigns that promote your videos. This ensures they are seen by your customers and also reach out to a whole new target market.


ake the viewer into your world. Animation allows you to transport the viewer into your world, through the use of colour and styling, textures and movement, an animation paints a completely unique picture of your business.

A video engages your audience, gives a personal insight into the business and in turn generates leads.



nderstanding your business and reinforcing your brand. Planning is key when delivering any type of motion graphics, that’s why we work very closely with you, to work out the style and the colour palette that will work in sync with your business. When you come to us with a basic idea we develop that idea in several stages.

  • Concept Development
  • Scripting if required
  • initial design image board
  • Complete story board
  • Animation style
  • Character development


But what is motion graphics?

Here is our quick guide to motion graphics

Live action – Visual effects

The majority of motion graphics is seen through titles and graphics that are overlaid onto video footage. This can be as simple as a name tag or title bar, or more complex data and graphics on screen, that accentuate the information given.


Animation is a broad term, but when it comes to video production there are 3 main styles:-

  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Character Animation
Its important when selecting what style you want, as this will dictate the look and feel you want to portray as a business, of course a video can consist of all three styles. This is the fun part were we sit down together and develop what you need the outcomes of the video to be.

2D Animation

Explainer videos have now become common place on websites, its a cost effective way of your clients tapping into your mindset. The beauty of an explainer video is through the use of kinetic typography (animated text and fonts) and iconography (the use of icons and shapes in animation) you can paint a completely unique picture for the client.

An explainer video holds a viewers attention because it does not follow a linear visual line. When we see a standard live action interview and certain aspects are being talked about, more often than not we will see footage of that subject. With an explainer video, we can paint with images and text, it can be complex and obscure or basic and rudimentary. The vision is always changing and keeps the viewer engaged from start to finish, the key is fluid motion and inventive use of the latest motion graphic techniques to deliver a great explainer video

3D Animation

3D animation adds depth to animations, this can be through the physical space in the scene or the 3D objects with in it. 3D animation like 2D adds its own feel to the video, but again allows us to tell your story through the use of a 3D space

Character animation

All of the above can have character animation with in them and a character can be as simple as a piece of paper or a completely animated cartoon character, this allows you to tell your story in a playful manner.

A character adds another dimension to the vision as the viewer goes on a journey with your character. It allows you to paint scenarios in your story that can educate and inform your viewer, but more importantly it connects with them emotional with compassion and comedy produced by the character.


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