Video Production – Don’t Ignore this Essential Tool for Start Ups

Film Camera

Startups face several unique challenges in the marketplace, not the least of which are the enormous hurdles in terms of marketing and branding that they need to surmount before they can truly be considered successful. However, the digital landscape provides several unique tools that startups can take advantage of; one of the most important of these is video production. Let’s take a look at why video marketing is such an indispensable tool for startups:

  • Low Cost – Compared to traditional media costs, hiring even the very best in video production is an extremely low-cost marketing option.  Whether you go with live-action, custom animation, or something else entirely, creating excellent video marketing content can often be done at a fraction of the cost that a traditional marketing campaign costs.
  • Potential to go Viral – Another major benefit is that material created by video production can easily go viral. Think back over the past year or two, and it is likely that you can recall several examples of viral marketing that provided an immense return on a tiny investment because the ad went viral over YouTube or Facebook.
  • Effective for SEO – As search engines continue to refine the way they work, they have decided to begin giving increased importance to video content and social indicators. That means that having online video will help provide real, tangible benefits to the organic SEO rankings of your main website.
  • Foot in the Door – Lastly, one of the biggest challenges for startups is getting that initial first bit of public recognition. Having unique content, which is perhaps a little creative or outrageous, is one of the best ways to make this happen. Video production is easily the best medium to be a little experimental, a little off-kilter, or humorous. You will find that content of this sort may really help to break that initial ice and generate some traffic for a startup.

As you can see, there are some real advantages to using video content for marketing, particularly for startups. Video production can help you create engaging and unique content that will drive traffic, get your name out there, assist you building authority and SEO ranking, all at a reasonable cost.  Best of all, if you really allow those creative juices to flow you may be lucky enough to come up with something that goes viral.