5 things That You Can Do That Will Greatly Enhance Your Website

1Make your website shine


A potential client makes a decision about how they feel about your business or brand within a millisecond of entering your website. Within 2 seconds they have looked around for basic navigation and if they can’t make these simple connections, they have clicked out, just as quick as they clicked in.

That’s why its essential that you have a clean user experience, that is beautiful to look at, but gets to the point. The Creative Foundry has spent a lot of time developing a range of user interface’s that are intuitive for the client to use but also looks fresh, modern and stylish. We are constantly looking at the latest trends in web design and always looking at how we can deliver a stunning web experience for our clients.

As with anything in the digital realm, everyday brings new ideas and fresh concepts about how we consume our online media, we don’t expect you to research all this, but we keep abreast of blogs, news and forums to ensure that when we deliver a website to a client, they can rest assured that it will look, and behave beautifully.


2Have an up-to-date website

It sounds simple, but you would be surprised by the amount of websites online that are outdated, have wrong information throughout and just straight up look terrible!
Lets not even mention some websites that have the dreaded copyright date of 2006 on the bottom of the page! this is a sure fire way to send the message that you are not up to date and don’t take your potential clients time very seriously.

Now, if we are looking at the old model of web design, then more often than not, a client has had a website designed by a company and has no control over updates, content changes or anything to do with the websites maintenance once its gone live. Weeks can be spent trying to get hold of your web developer, just to make a simple text change or to even update the dreaded 2006 outdated timestamp.
The creative foundry designs all of its websites on the popular WordPress platform, so what does this mean?
This means that there is a simple user interface that allows you to do simple things with ease:-

  • Easily update any text on pages on your website

  • Add images to your pages or gallery


    Add News or Blog posts

 3Video, front and center


Video is a great tool for search engine optimisation and google ranks websites with video favourably. Video should be an integral part of your online presence, its one of the strongest cornerstones for telling the world, who you are as a business, it deliver so much more than the text on a screen ever could.

A video lets people engage with you instantly and gives them an insight into your brand, your style, even the ethos that your business has. You can read a sentence a hundred different ways, but seeing genuine passion on screen is priceless. Getting to tell your story through the visuals that align with your vision of the business is a luxury that every business should allocate for. Someone may not ready 2 sentences on your home page but they will click a video to see what you are all about.

Again just like having an up to date website, the same is said for an up to date video, nothing is worse than an old 4:3 ratio video filmed on DV or VHS that has reared its ugly head and remained on your website. So just having a video is not even in the same ballpark as having an effective, engaging, video.

We live in the age of high definition and creative motion graphics so there is no reason why, whatever you envisage for your company, can’t be realised in a beautiful, poignant video.


  4Get social


It goes without saying that the importance of social media is integral to your online presence, Facebook and twitter should be just as much a part of your website as any other aspect. Having these social powerhouses built into the design of your website means people can be updated instantly, about the great news you have about the business, a new offer you want to quickly roll out, or for some –  what you had for lunch that day!

Facebook is a great tool, but as you are probably aware, when your browsing on Facebook and chatting with friends, you don’t actively search for business’s in that interface. That’s why having the integration built into your website design, can get people actively clicking through, once they have made a physical connection with your business online.




A blog is just an easy way of keeping people updated with news, offers or just things in your world that you find intriguing. You can thinks of your blog as your news feed, its a quick way for clients to see what you have been doing as a business and it shows that you are actively updating your website.

Just like a video, a blog is also another avenue to give a little insight into your business that can sometime be lost in the text on your website. You can post videos or articles that relate to your business and also share your blog posts on social media.